My story isn’t sweet and harmonious like invented stories. It tastes of folly and bewilderment, of madness and dreams, like the life of all people who no longer want to lie to themselvesHerman Hesse

The Essential Approach is about:

  • being wholly yourself; allowing your essential nature to shine.
  • being the cause rather than the effect of your life.
  • freeing the spirit from the constraints of the neurotic/wounded/inflated ego.
  • reclaiming your personal power – your essence: ‘all that makes a thing what it is; indispensable quality or element…’.

If you are not living from your essence your life is, effectively, a cover-story, which can leave you open to exploitation. At the very least, you will feel a gnawing dissatisfaction with your life, no matter how materially well-off you are.

When you live in accordance with your essence, you are fulfilling the potential of who you were born to be. Alignment with the essential part of yourself shows you the meaning and purpose of your life and enables you to meet your challenges with courage, resilience and equanimity.

Your essence is found within, where only the bravest dare journey. It can take you to some dark and scary places, but if you shine enough light you will discover rough diamonds waiting to be excavated and polished.

The Essential Approach is, essentially, alchemy for the psyche.

Are you ready to discover your inner radiance and experience life on an entirely different level?